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Here are some examples of flags that have been created and hung to let their messages flutter out to the world.

I hope they inspire you to write and draw your own words and designs. Your completed flags will hold your own dreams, celebrations, hopes, and thoughts of gratitude that will then be carried by the wind out to the world.

Please share photos of your flags by sending them to

Gratitude flags are created with beautiful words and images to

celebrate every occasion: birthdays, weddings, family reunions,

graduations, and births.

The fairy flags are the perfect size to use as a cake topper, on a

bulletin board, in a school locker or with a dollhouse or fairy

garden. The uses for these flags are endless.

Want to make your own gratitude flag? We create kits with fabric panels, twine, and permanent markers. The kits are designed for you to create your own unique set of flags. Also, these kits are great for children's birthday parties, providing a memorable and special party favor for each child.

Gratitude Flags